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Thank you for taking an interest in the Egyptian Mau.  The Oldest Breed of Domestic Cats 

About Us

We are a small cattery located in South Eastern Michigan. Specializing in Silver and Smoke Egyptian Mau's. All kittens and cats are raised underfoot. No caging allowed. All have free roam of the house. I believe in a well socialized kitten. So we interact kittens with the cats at a young age. My 2 retired Show cats do the Job well. I have only a few litters a year, so my kittens are by Reservation Only "I breed for Quality and not Quantity, Kittens are not born here everyday"

I am involved with the Egyptian Mau to preserve the breed. Which takes a lot of work. I only work with a few select breeders who are as passionate about the breed as I am. Together we try to create the best examples of the Egyptian Mau.

I am currently a member of the CFA Egyptian Mau Breed Council and the Global Egyptian Mau Society. And also   the Secretary of the Egyptian Mau Enthusiast a TICA club.


The Egyptian Mau is a wonderful breed of cat to add to your family. If you are interested in a kitten or a Retired Adult please email ajatarahmau@yahoo.com

Kittens By Reservation Only


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